Endowment Committee


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e-mail: milfordfac@optonline.net, website: www.milfordarts.org

The Milford Arts Council Endowment offers Grant Funds to assist in supporting the continuation of the Study of the Arts. The Endowment Grant Fund committee appreciate your interest in the program.
The Milford Arts Council (“MAC”) is a non-profit corporation, founded in 1971, to support and encourage the development, acceptance, and appreciation of cultural activities.
The MAC has offices in the restored Eastbound Railroad Station, the Center for the Arts, and offers over 50 cultural programs yearly.

Milford Residents attending High School or College, and students enrolled in a Milford middle or high school are eligible.

The projects will be judged on merit and on the way the projects benefit an individual or the Milford community. To be eligible, the project must be for the purpose of continuing the Study of the Arts. This includes but is not limited to the areas of Dance, Music, Painting, Sculpture, Performing Arts (radio, television, theater), Video and Film Production.

The Trust will grant up to $300 per selected Application, with consideration, upon merit, for additional funding.

Available through the MAC office (see above), by request via e-mail to milfordfac@optonline.net, or online at www.milfordarts.org. Applications will be made available from April 2017 through
May 2017.  Dates will be finalized by end of 2016.

All Applications must be received by May 2017 to be considered.  Dates will be finalized by end of 2016.
Completed applications can be mailed or delivered in person to the Milford Arts Council, Attention: Endowment Grant Program. 40 Railroad Avenue South, Milford, CT 06460, or e-mailed to milfordfac@optonline.net. Awards will be announced and money disbursed by June 2017.  Dates will be finalized by the end of 2016.
Those awarded grants must file a Project Report within thirty (30) days after completing their Project.

To download the application form, click below:

Trust Fund Grant Program Application:  Application will be available at the end of 2016.


Endowment Committee

Officers: Nancy Smith, Chair; Alice Oliver, Vice Chair;

Members: Tyra Dellacroce,  Rachael Murphy,  Jackie Munk, Kimberly Nolan, Emily Plude, Maria Quintner, Marsha Winter, Paige Miglio.

The Endowment Committee of the Milford Arts Council manages and administers the trust fund of the Milford Arts Council to insure its future; promotes and nurtures the arts in Milford and surrounding communities; and accepts and encourages donations to a trust fund established in 1998.

The Endowment Committee has awarded mini-grants to high school students’ art projects; supported writing projects and publications in Milford high schools; awarded grants to young musicians and dancers, enabling later achievements; provided supplies for student-created murals at Jonathan Law High School; and brought writing experts from out of state to lead day-long creative writing workshop for Milford high school students.

The Endowment Committee will continue to offer prizes and awards for outstanding artistic achievement; support city-wide arts awareness programs, such as the Submarine Project; sponsor recitals and concerts through the Council; and provide scholarships and internships for gifted student artists.