Artist in Residence

The residency was created with the intent of supporting aspiring or professional artists who are working to further establish their careers. MAC sponsorship of individual artists is intended to provide temporary support through the provision of low cost housing as a transitional opportunity. It is the objective of the MAC to provide an inspirational, stress free environment where artists can live and work to further establish their financial independence as professional artists.

Property Description and Residency:

The 750 square foot residency was designed for artist’s use and includes studio space within the dwelling. The one bedroom apartment has a living/dining area, a kitchen, bath and the studio. The grounds include off street parking, a large terrace and a bicycle rack. The monthly cost, which includes heat, hot water and electricity, will be well below market rents. The actual rent will be based on the income of the occupant household. The target rent of $850 will require a minimum gross household income of $30,000 per year. It is anticipated that the “artist in residence” will be active in the maintenance and management of the Gallery & Workshop facility.

Professional Background:

Applicants will be required to submit professional background. This may vary depending upon the artistic endeavors of the applicant. Requested information may include but not limited to the following:

* Statement of Career Goals & Objectives
* Educational Experiences and/or Professional Training
* Accomplishments and/or Achievements
* Portfolio and/or Work Samples
* Professional References

A Background Information Statement Form is provided as a guide for you use as part of this application package. Background information does not need to be provided on this form. Please be certain to address all of the required background areas.

Application & Selection Process:

Residency sponsorships will be awarded based on the completion of a conventional rental application and the submission of the most appropriate background information. Applicants will first be qualified based on the income eligibility of the household. The annual income limits as of 03/19/2015 are as follows (60% of area median):

* Single Individual $36,000
* Household of Two $41,160
* Household of Three $46,260

These limits are subject to change and are based on the adjusted gross income as reported in most recently filed federal income tax return.

Applications that are determined to be income eligible will then be juried for artistic commitment, accomplishment and potential. The impact the sponsorship opportunity will have on the applicants’ ability to realize stated goals will be considered. The potential contribution the applicant might make to the Gallery/Workshop facility will also be considered.

Interviews will be conducted with the most qualified candidates before a final selection is made. Eligible candidates that are not offered immediate residency will be placed on a waiting list for consideration when a residency sponsorship next becomes available.

Application for Residency

Application is due by March 1st, selection is made by April 1st and residence starts May 1st.

Download and print both parts of the following application. To download the linked documents right-click/save target as (WinOS) or Cntrl-Click (MacOS) the link and save to your computer hard drive.

Professional Background Information     doc part1_professional (MS Word format)
Financial Background Information     xls part2_financial (MS Excel format)

Completed applications with all supporting documentation should be mailed or delivered to:

Milford Arts Council
Att: Residency Review Committee
40 Railroad Avenue South
Milford, CT 06460

Milford Arts Council, Inc.

The purposes of the Council are to offer artistic opportunities within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, that will support and foster cultural growth for Milford, CT and surrounding communities; to provide a cultural complex of people and space to allow the Council, the artists and communities to realize artistic excellence; to expand opportunities for artists through the creation of spaces for them to live and work; and to encourage promotion, development, acceptance and appreciation of cultural activities.