MAC’s 41st Annual Sand Sculpture Competition 2018

Announcing, MAC’s  41st Annual Sand Sculpture Competition- July 21st 2018!

MAC’s  40th Annual Sand Sculpture Competition- 2017

Walnut Beach, Milford, CT, Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Winners

Individual 16 and Up

HM- Pat Domiani for Lady in the Tub

3rd-Gary Cook for Turtle Birth

2nd- Bridget Connors for Two Bears

1st- Ron Warzel for The Mummy’s Face

Individual 10-15

1st- The Woodbridge Gang of Five for Shark

Individual or Group 9 and Under

HM- Joe Cameron for Minion in a Boat

3rd- Jacob Storeygard for Noah and Jacob City

2nd- Cayley, Emma, Maddy and Brenda for Figit Spinner

1st- Avery and Adrian Alves for The Sweet World

Friends and Clubs

2nd- Joey, Mary, Wydan, Jessie, Jack, Davigon and Jamiele for Minion

1st- Steve Worzel, Bill and Ellen Wissle for Godzilla Attacks


HM- Chris Bockstael and Maria Valcarcel for Coco

3rd- The McPhersons for Bigger Boat

2nd- The Bakos for The Hulk

1st- The Langes for Sharks of Liberty

Best in Show- The Bonannos, the Glynns, the Gomes, the Alves and the Mooneys for Gray Matters  (image above)

People’s Choice- Chris Bockstael and Maria Valcarcel for Coco

MAC’s  41st Annual Sand Sculpture Competition- Date and times to be announced.

Bring a picnic, your beach blanket, pails and shovels, and create anything from huge lobsters to mermaids.  Awards, Trophies, and Ribbons to be given in various categories including Clubs/Friends, Families, and Individuals.  All ages are welcome. This annual event draws over 50 sand sculptors and hundreds of spectators each year.  Registration is free and open to all. Categories are: Family, Friends and Clubs, Individual 16 and up, Individual 10 to 15 and Individual or group 9 and under. Cash awards and trophies to Best in Show and 1st place category winners with trophies for 2nd and 3rd place.  Join the crowd and enjoy a day of looking or sculpting in the sun.  The Milford Arts Council and Milford Bank proudly sponsor this fun filled beach happening. Event is free.  Parking for nonresidents is $15.

Registration begins ______, Sand building ______  and Judging at _____ with awards given _____.  Times may vary a bit depending on the tide.  Low tide that day is ______.

For more information please call the Milford Arts Council:  878-6647 or visit

Rules: Sand Sculptures must consist of sand only with the exception of wood, rocks, shells, etc., found on the beach the day of the contest and used as decorations only.  No superstructures or permanent forms of any kind shall be incorporated in your structure. Sand forms smaller than 2 ft X 2 ft X 2 ft (flower pots, milk cartons, buckets, etc.) may be used, but only as forms. The use of shovels, hoes, spatulas and other tools (except power tools) are permitted. The sculpture must be confined within the assigned space.