Murals of Milford

Mission Statement:  To enhance our community, promote tourism and connect neighborhoods through the creation of public art and murals as “gateways” by partnering sponsors, artists and sit-owners for the celebration of the creative spirit and heritage of Milford

Bridgehouse mural, Devon

“Gateway” sites may be applied for the Committee’s consideration by Artists, site-owners, non-profits, sponsors or the Committee itself.   Email us your questions at:

We are asking that site-owners fund the basic supplies needed by the Artist and may additionally offer a finite amount for funding above these basic supplies.  The Artist fee can widely vary depending on style, media, level of detail and experience.  The Committee and/or applicant may seek additional funding through fundraising and/or from outside sponsors.  The Artist may be asked to adjust design, level of detail or fee to match available funding.  The site owner and sponsors will collaborate alongside the Committee for the Artist selection and have input on the general design or style for their mural.  Once the mural is finished, a permanent plaque will be affixed with site owner, sponsors and artist names with mural title or description.

Murals should be visible by the Public and not hidden from view.  The Committee will determine if a suggested inside Mural can be included in these efforts on a case-by-case basis.  Murals can be on exterior walls, but not held to that distinction.  An outside stairway, bridge underpass, pedi-cab, utility panel box, etc. can offer unexpected yet exceptionally visible sites – while beautifying the otherwise ignored.

Please click here to view the recent mural project at the Milford Boat Works.