We have many volunteer opportunities at the Milford Arts Council.











Visual Arts

  1. Chairperson needed to oversee Visual Arts area of the MAC in conjunction with Executive Director.        Produce 6 exhibits a year.

                  Duties Include:     
                       – Setting exhibit themes
                       – Schedule receiving
                       – Schedule hanging
                       – Typing program
                       – Hosting receptions
                       – Schedule breakdown / pick-up
                       – Finding jurors
                       – Gallery hours / sitting
                       – Work with Firehouse Gallery to coordinate show (s)

2.  Receptions (setup / breakdown / host)
                       – Purchase food / drink
                       – Set up / break down of chairs and tables
                       – Host reception (s)

3.  Receiving Artwork
                       – Accepting artwork at the center
                       – Ensuring proper forms filled out 
                       – Providing information on opening reception

4.  Hanging Artwork
                       – Assist in hanging the artwork at the MAC and / or Firehouse Gallery 

5.  Pick -up Artwork

6. Gallery Sitting (Firehouse Gallery)
                      – Sitting at the Firehouse Gallery for public viewing of artwork 


  1. Music Chairperson needed to oversee Music area of the MAC in conjunction with the Executive Director. Music types include: coffeehouse, jazz, classical, blues, folk, comedy, lecture and more.

                Duties Include:
                     – Select dates for shows
                     – Select performers and programs for the MAC
                     – Coordinate night of ushers, box office, concessions
                     – Oversee set-up and breakdown of theater

2. Night of ticket sales / box office

3. Concessions

4. Usher

5. Set-up / breakdown of theater


1. Night of ticket sales / box office

2. Concessions

3. Usher

4. Set-up / break down of theater

5. Marketing of production – play bill, press release, online



1. Mailings (newsletters, appeals, membership renewals)

2. Organizing archives

3. Distributing events calendars to local businesses and organizations

4. Assist with special events (Kentucky Derby, Walnut Beach Sand Sculpture Competition)

Please call us if you would like to know more about our volunteer program.  203-878-6647   (Tuesdays- Fridays, 10am – 5 pm)