If you’re looking for a place to share your gifts and talents, this is the place for you. The MAC family is a wonderful community, and we welcome you with open arms. We consider our volunteers to be Ambassadors of the MAC. As an ambassador, you are the face of the MAC – the promoter, the champion, and supporter of the arts in Milford and beyond. You help us to share the joy of everything we have to offer just be being part of our community. We have many volunteer opportunities, so take a look and let us know where you think you might fit in…











Visual Arts

                       – Set exhibit themes
                       – Schedule receiving
                       – Schedule hanging
                       – Type program
                       – Host receptions
                       – Schedule breakdown / pick-up
                       – Find jurors
                       – Maintain Gallery Hours
                       – Work with Firehouse Gallery to coordinate show (s)


                     – Select dates for shows
                     – Select performers and programs for the MAC
                     – Coordinate night of ushers, box office, concessions
                     – Oversee set-up and breakdown of theatre



                     -Night of ticket sales / box office
                     -Set-up / break down theatre
                     -Assist with Marketing 



                     -Mailings (newsletters, appeals, membership renewals)
                     -Organize archives
                     -STREET TEAM: Distribute information to local businesses and organizations
                     -Represent the MAC at special events 


Please call us if you would like to know more about our volunteer program.  203-878-6647   (Tuesdays- Fridays, 10am – 5 pm)