Stopping Here


An Adaptation of Robert Frost Poems

By Lynne Gannon

Stopping Here is a dramatic presentation in a staged reading based on four poems by the beloved poet Robert Frost. These narrative poems were originally published in Frost’s collection entitled North of Boston, and while they tell separate, unrelated stories, they are linked by common themes conveying the mystery of human relationships. Their use of dialogue interspersed with descriptive elements make them perfect for a dramatic adaptation which frames Frost’s words with an imaginary conversation between the poet and his wife Elinor.

First Performance w/Talk Back
took place Sunday, April 14, 4pm at the MAC Downtown

There is no charge to attend this event. Donations are always welcome to support our cultural events.

Cast List

Director: Lynne Gannon

Assistants to the director: Jacob Gannon, Erin Guerrera

Producer:  Nancy A Herman/the MAC’s Eastbound Theatre

Music by Logan Molinari

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