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Art and War

A few of weeks ago my mother shared an opinion piece on the cancellation of a Tchaikovsky concert in Wales. It quoted critics calling the musicians racists and exhibiting a “most dangerous moral panic”, without even asking the orchestra their reasons…

Rebirth of the Story of Women

In honor of Women’s History Day and Month, we’d like to share a very special piece of the heart of the arts. We thought this might be the perfect opportunity to give new life to our “Story of Women”…

The Art of the Curator

… At the end of the tour, we gathered in a small room with personal effects of the curator of the collection, Katherine Sophie Dreier. One wall was covered by a photograph of the founding curator with her partner and friend, Dada artist Marcel Duchamp in her studio – in Milford, CT…

If Our Walls Could Talk

In celebration of women, our Story of Women exhibit, and the 100 year anniversary of the Women’s Suffrage & The Right to Vote, we’d like to introduce you to a few of the artists who generously shared their art (and their stories) with us.

Archive of Newsletters

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